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Tonya Hartwell


Tonya Hartwell happens to be a reputed figure in the US who is known for her relationship with a professional American football linebacker known as Edgerton Hartwell. A daughter was born to this couple in the year 2018, and her name is Sevynn Elíse Hartwell.

Tonya has one more daughter named Cylah apart from Sevynn from an earlier marriage. On the other hand, her husband is the father of a couple of more children known as Ella Grace Hartwell, as well as Edgerton Hartwell Jr. Before getting married to Tonya, Edgerton had previously wedded Lisa Wu and Keshia Knight Pulliam.

Educational background of Tonya Hartwell

The high school career of Tonya Hartwell commenced when she was 16 years of age. She demonstrated her brilliance in academics right from the very start while maintaining a strong academic record consistently.

After graduating high school, Tonya Hartwell pursued a bachelor’s degree. After attending a public university in the US, she studied quite hard. However, we do not have any information regarding any particular major or field of study pursued by her till now.

The significant achievement of this lady when it comes to getting a bachelor’s degree depicts her diligence and commitment to procuring higher education. The outstanding academic accomplishments of Tonya along with her commitment to her studies showcase the value put by her on learning.

Early life, nationality, and ethnicity of Tonya Hartwell

According to research, we believe that Tonya Hartwell happens to be an American, as well as African-American. Even though she might be 24 years of age in 2022, we are yet not sure of her exact age. We do not have any idea regarding her siblings, parents, as well as, birthdate. It seems to us that this lady herself will share more info regarding these personal facts in the upcoming days.

tonya hartwell
tonya hartwell

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Family of Tonya Hartwell

Unfortunately, we do not have many details regarding the parents of Tonya. However, it is a fact that she was raised in a household in America. When she grew up, Tonya shared her upbringing with Joey, her sister. It is for sure that we will update this information further in case it is possible to find out more regarding her family. It is definitely quite interesting to comprehend the background of an individual and the influences responsible for shaping them.

Physical appearance

The weight of the lady mentioned in this article is approximately 137 pounds which is healthy compared to her height. Moreover, Tonya can boast of having black hair and dark brown eyes, and her height happens to be 168 cm.

The body measurements of this person happen to be 36-26-36 inches, and although the specific body proportions of Tonya are not explicitly mentioned, these measurements definitely complement her stature. There is no doubt that she can boast of having a fantastic weight-to-height ratio that simply depicts that she is in good health. It is possible for health and beauty to exist in various forms, and one must not judge any person according to her appearance only.

Relationship updates of Edgerton and Tonya Hartwell

Tonya Hartwell, who happens to be the spouse of Edgerton Hartwell, an American football linebacker, is married happily and a daughter known as Sevynn Elíse Hartwell was born to them in the year 2018.

There is no doubt that the marriage of these two individuals is full of happiness and joy, particularly after the birth of their daughter. While Edgerton has two more kids from his previous marriages, Tonya can boast of having a daughter from her earlier marriage.

Edgerton had a couple of prior marriages, one of them was from 2016 to 2018 with Keshia Knight Pulliam, while the other was from 2006 to 2011 with Lisa Wu. As a matter of fact, Edgerton requested for a lessening in child support from $3,000 every month because of the earnings of his previous wife from “Cosby Show” and “House of Payne” appearances. According to Edgerton, considering the income of his previous wife, a reduced amount would be fair emphasizing the requirement for reevaluation by the court for the best interests of the child.

The appeal made by Edgerton showcases his notion that the income of his ex-wife is enough to provide support to their child without depending too much on his financial support. This situation showcases the challenges and intricacies that might happen concerning child support and financial accountabilities within blended households. This situation will be evaluated by the court to figure out what will be best for the involved kid.

Earlier relation of Tonya Hartwell

Edgerton Hartwell and Keshia Knight-Pulliam became engaged just 2 weeks prior to their marriage in 2016 following the 4-month dating period. This engagement happened on New Year’s Eve. However, Edgerton filed for divorce after a couple of months of tying the knot with Keshia Knight-Pulliam. According to allegations, Edgerton had been unfaithful to his ex-wife with his present spouse, Tonya Hartwell. As a matter of fact, Keshia and Edgerton experienced a challenging custody battle and divorce.

Before his marriage to Keshia, Edgerton Hartwell had married Lisa Wu-Hartwell, who happened to be a previous “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. This couple had a child whose age was 11 years before marrying Keshia. This sequence of connections has raised discussions because of the challenges and complexities observed in the marital history of Edgerton Hartwell.

Present relationship of Tonya Hartwell

Right now, Tonya Hartwell shares a healthy and strong connection with her present spouse. It is a fact that their relationship thrives on mutual respect and passion. It has been indicated by recent reports that the relationship between Tonya and Edgerton is free from any problems or conflicts. This type of shared regard and admiration contributes to the power of their bond to a great extent, showcasing a positive and harmonious connection.

Do Tonya and Edgerton Hartwell have kids?

It has been suggested by rumor that Ed Hartwell, the reputed American footballer, was in a relationship with Tonya from 2013 to 2014, and it went on blossoming. Tonya informed us about her intention to get married to the football player in 2015 on Instagram.

Following 3 years of their wedding, Ed and Tonya Hartwell celebrated their first daughter’s arrival and her name was Sevynn Elise Hartwell. Incidentally, Ed as well as Tonya has kids from their earlier marriages. While Tonya had one kid, Ed was the father of two children. Her devoted and lovable attitude of Tonya toward the other kids of Ed has been quite obvious.

tonya hartwell
tonya hartwell

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The family story and connection depict the journey of these two individuals from dating to marriage right up to expanding their family. In spite of having different backgrounds, Tonya has gracefully accepted her role as a supportive and loving mother to the kids of her spouse which demonstrates her devotion to fostering a nurturing and warm environment for their blended household.

Professional career of Tonya Hartwell

After finishing her education, Tonya soon entered into her professional world. She took the bold decision of entering into the world of entrepreneurship with profound confidence and knowledge. She started a clothing and fashion store featuring a unique collection of stylish and trendy garments that captivated the hearts of customers while making her retail a go-to destination for fans.

She likewise launched the gift boutique, thus expanding her horizons significantly. This innovative venture provided meticulously selected gifts for various occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays while catering to an extensive spectrum of events. The gift shop of Tonya turned out to be a one-stop destination for coming across memorable and meaningful gifts within a short time.

Nevertheless, she was not satisfied to stop there, and her spirit enabled her to establish a jewelry outlet. The jewelry store of this lady provided an extensive range of options for personal decorations, consisting of dazzling earrings to delicate necklaces. These types of jewelry items depicted her keen sense of craftsmanship and elegance.

Tonya succeeded in creating multiple ventures in the gifting, fashion, and jewelry industries by means of her relentless dedication and hard work. There is no doubt that others must also follow her if they want to achieve success in their lives.

Tonya Hartwell’s Net Worth

Tonya has not informed us much regarding her financial affairs and income. In spite of this, many fans are inquisitive regarding the potential wealth and financial status of this lady given that her public profile is quite amazing.

tonya hartwell
tonya hartwell

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The estimated net worth of Tonya happens to be $500,000, according to reliable sources. Here, we would like to mention that these will not showcase the financial situation of Tonya since these are mere approximations.


Tonya Hartwell happens to be a multifaceted figure who has become famous not only because of her relationship with Edgerton Hartwell but also as a devoted mother and successful entrepreneur. Personal privacy, work, and family are all interwoven in the life story of this lady, creating the picture of a woman coming across obstacles and challenges head-on and following her dreams and targets with tenacity and determination. If somebody wants to achieve success in life, then he or she should make sure to follow Tonya without any sort of hesitation.