Clary Fisher – Fashion Stylist and Philanthropist


Clary Fisher is a fashion stylist known for her connections with high-profile individuals. She has one daughter from her first marriage and recently married Paul Collicutt, an illustrator and storyboard artist. However, her personal life remains relatively under wraps as she rarely posts pictures of her family on social media platforms such as Facebook.

She is a fashion stylist.

Clary Fisher is a well-known fashion stylist, having collaborated with various artists. She often posts her designs on Instagram. Furthermore, she’s an active philanthropist; two children came from previous marriages – Simon Konecki in 2004 and Paul Collicutt since 2010.

Clarity Fisher hails from England, where she attended the London College of Fashion to graduate. Unfortunately, no details about Clarity’s parents or past life have been shared with the media or her followers on Instagram or her private Twitter account – although she does have numerous followers on both versions!

She is well-known for her collaborations with numerous bands, TV show artists, and clothing line. Her style is elegant yet chic, with an excellent eye for color and pattern; she also actively engages in environmental work and practicing yoga.

Payscale estimates the average salary of fashion stylists is roughly $66137 annually. Clary Fisher earned an exemplary wage as she has amassed many followers on her Instagram page and continues to make headlines in fashion circles.

She has worked as a fashion stylist for many years and has collaborated with various celebrities. Her services have even been showcased on television programs and magazines. Additionally, she is actively engaged in environmental work and considers herself a philanthropist.

Fisher was born in Hove, East Sussex, England, and currently stands 47. She has two children and leads a highly private lifestyle; not much information has been revealed regarding her personal life; however, she can often be seen active on social media as a fashion blogger.

Her former spouse was Simon Konecki, an accomplished businessman and the Chief Executive Officer of Drop4Drop, a non-profit organization. Starting as a foreign exchange trader at 17, his career has since blossomed into one as a philanthropist who has received support from celebrities like Sid Owen and Stephen Fry and has founded several charitable organizations.

She is the ex-wife of Simon Konecki.

Clary Fisher was previously married to Simon Konecki, a British charity entrepreneur and CEO of Drop4Drop. They married in 2004 and share one daughter; though no details regarding their separation have been made public, their divorce was amicable, and both parties remain committed to co-parenting their daughter.

They first met as neighbors and friends in East Sussex, England’s City Hove, where they resided as children. Over time, they formed friendship circles, which helped foster romance; after starting dating, they eventually moved in together before marrying four years later and divorcing.

Once again married, in 2018, Simon married singer Adele. Though their relationship remains private, it has been reported that both parties appear happy with each other.

Clary Fisher is an esteemed fashion stylist and talented designer, though more information about her career remains hidden from the public. In addition to working as a costume designer for various TV programs and music bands, she also studied arts at Bristol Old Vic and London College of Fashion.

She shares an intense bond with her children, often sharing pictures of them on social media. She had one child from her marriage with Simon – a daughter born in 2007. Paul Collicutt had another son whom she adopted after marrying him and took his surname after marrying him.

Despite her past marital woes, she is enjoying a stable relationship with Paul Collicutt – an illustrator and storyboard artist with whom she shares two children and is happy in his presence.

Though the exact reason for her divorce from Simon remains unknown, it is speculated that she was discontent from day one of their relationship. Simon was constantly away due to his business ventures, leaving no time for his wife. Furthermore, she felt entitled as all their earnings went towards water utilities instead of her.

She is a mother.

Clary Fisher is a fashion stylist and mother to two children. The first was born in 2007 but remains unknown, while her second was born two years later in 2012. As a freelance fashion stylist, she has collaborated with many successful artists, often posting photos of them to her social media accounts.

Clarity Fisher hails from England. She attended the London College of Fashion to study fashion design before making a name for herself as a celebrity fashion stylist. Many fans want more information about Clarity’s personal life – specifically her family history; however, Clarity prefers keeping this aspect out of the limelight.

Fisher recently disclosed that she and British entrepreneur Simon Konecki – well known as the former husband of American singer Adele – shared custody of a daughter, who lives with them both now. Fisher and Konecki divorced in 2004, though Konecki is also responsible for fathering Sarah Michelle Gellar’s son.

Fisher is an iconic figure in the fashion industry and an inspiration to her fans. For years, she has worked as a fashion stylist, collaborating with several acclaimed artists. Fisher’s followers appreciate her creativity and philanthropy; she enjoys having an ever-expanding fan following on Instagram, with constant positive comments as proof.

Her professional career is flourishing, and she is enjoying its success. She is known as a fashionista and philanthropist who has assisted needy people. Additionally, she can often post updates and pictures on Twitter, interacting with fans and sharing photos with them.

Clary Fisher does not divulge much information regarding her private life or net worth, leaving many fans eager to know more about her parents or family background; unfortunately, she remains unwilling to divulge this information. Yet, despite leading an anonymous lifestyle, she has made waves in the fashion industry.

Fisher boasts an impressive following on social media, often having her photos reposted by them. Furthermore, many messages from fans wishing her good health and happiness have been sent her way.

She is a philanthropist.

Clary Fisher is an esteemed fashion stylist and philanthropist who has established herself in her field. She has worked with an impressive roster of artists and often flaunts her designs on social media – she has already achieved great success as an industry professional, and we look forward to watching her reach new heights over time. Additionally, she is a mother to two small children, whom she regularly posts pictures of online.

Fisher was born and raised in Hove, East Sussex, England, attending Bristol Old Vic Theatre School before enrolling in London College of Fashion and University to study fashion design. Unfortunately, her parents’ identities remain unknown now, and she does not talk openly about personal matters via social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram.

Fisher married Simon Konecki, an entrepreneur and environmental activist, in the early 2000s. Their marriage lasted several years, giving birth to their daughter Clary together before divorcing in 2008. Fisher later married artist Paul Collicutt; after this union, they lived together in Brighton, England, as Clary Collicutt with an unchanged surname.

Coupled together, Clary and her husband share two children and share an unparalleled bond with them. Clary started her own fashion stylist/designer freelancer business and created her clothing line, “Claire’s Closet.” Peers within the industry highly commend her work as one of its premier stylists.

Fischer is renowned for her generosity. Her work has significantly enriched many people’s lives, and she has received several honors and awards for her efforts on behalf of charitable endeavors.

Fischer values her privacy, seeking a private life free from controversy and public attention. She avoids the limelight and does not discuss her family, even though fans want more details about her parents and siblings; regardless, Fischer has been an incredible musician who has experienced tremendous success throughout her career.