Owen Haley Games


Owen Haley games are widely known for providing innovative and captivating gaming experiences, crafting memorable gaming journeys to change the industry landscape. Their diverse catalog of enduring classics and groundbreaking innovations continues to engage gamers of all ages and skill levels alike.

Satisfy your sweet tooth in “Cookie Clicker,” or explore a surreal alien planet with “Seeds of Sol.” Dive into an immersive pixelated universe that transcends reality!

Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is an American football video game for Android and iOS mobile platforms. Inspired by Tecmo Bowl – an old arcade-era football title from Nintendo’s NES arcade system – Retro Bowl manages to capture its essence while remaining fresh for mobile playback, avoiding many of the worst excesses of the phone game genre while providing an entertaining yet engaging experience that remains surprising deep beneath its surface.

Retro Bowl is an entertaining combination of simulation and action. Players take control of an offense as both coach and general manager, selecting players for development while trading or drafting during off-season drafts and trading during season games. Special moves and power-ups may also be activated throughout each matchup to increase the chances of victory.

Playing this game’s controls is extremely intuitive and easy to pick up quickly. Each play allows the player to decide whether they want to pass or run, try to avoid defenders by quick swipes up or down, dive for extra yards, etc. Their success relies on whether a star receiver catches it before it lands near any potential opponents – which means the success of these plays depends on whether their catching ability and closeness of its landing to the nearest defender are within an acceptable range.

The game’s only significant drawback lies in the inaccuracy of defense: while each play’s defensive coordinator and players may influence how much ground is given up on each play, ultimately, it remains entirely random whether defenders stop an explosive play.

Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker is an incremental (or idle ) game with a broad appeal on the internet, featuring a simple gameplay loop: make cookies, purchase upgrades to increase production speeds, watch as your cookie totals rise steadily over time, and repeat. While this might initially sound repetitive, this title offers several mini-games and achievements to keep players interested.

Cookie Clicker stands out among many games with similar mechanics found online by garnering widespread acclaim from fans and critics alike. IGN called it both “super dumb” and “seriously addictive,” while Polygon described it as an “endless treadmill of time.” Developer Orteil even admits his making of it parallels playing it!

Since its initial release, the game has seen multiple updates to add additional content and enhance player experience. One notable update was Steam Workshop support, which allows users to develop mods that alter gameplay – this may include cosmetic modifications, upgrade tiers, or even selling cookies for more cash!

Though currently available for free on the browser, the game was recently made available on Steam with additional features – such as an in-game jukebox for background music, more achievements to reach, and improved graphics. Furthermore, players can import/export saved files, allowing them to share their progress or back up their saved files as they please.

Seeds of Sol

Seeds of Sol is an addictive and captivating Twitch-based strategy game where players must lead seedlings from an incubator into sunlight and growth. With unique Twitch controls that offer short bursts of fun gaming sessions, this free and accessible title on Steam makes a perfect gaming companion!

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The band boasts an outstanding local presence and is well-recognized in Oregon’s music scene, winning awards like Eugene’s Best Band and “Eugene’s Next Big Thing.” Additionally to their musical success, the group strives to make solar power affordable. They recently launched a campaign called Shift Together, which encourages residents of Corvallis to reduce their carbon footprint through carbon accounting software; individuals then donate an amount that corresponds with this amount as donations towards solar and renewable energy development efforts in Corvallis.

Nightmare Fishing Tournament

When you thought horror fishing couldn’t get any nastier, another game proves otherwise. Nightmare Fishing Tournament is a bleak yet humorous title in which you play as an exiled soul trying to win an evil fishing tournament and return home to life.

Beginning of Game: After falling into a blood lake, our unnamed protagonist finds himself approached by Death (in disguise), inviting him to compete in an unusual fishing tournament that can bring life back to earth if successful. But unlike traditional fishing tournaments, if victorious, this one requires diving deep into the waters and stabbing monster fish with various weapons to win back his freedom.

This fishing game’s gameplay stands out from traditional fishing titles in that you need to fight with each fish for control – making the experience much more engaging and engaging! Instead of simply reeling it in after hooking one, the hero needs to combat each fish, which can be satisfying when beating an enormous one! As rounds pass, you can collect loot to help upgrade your hero with new weapons or perks.