The Best Pura Scents in NYC


Pura is an innovative home fragrance company offering smart devices controlled through an app and scent vials that you can insert into their system.

Side Effect is an exceptional unisex fragrance created by Memo Xerjoff that features an aromatic blend of sweet, seductive notes. One of his best works, Side Effect, makes an impressionful first impression!

1. Volcano

Volcano offers the perfect blend of summery and cozy scents – its fruity blend of strawberry daiquir, jasmine blossom, and turmeric provides an inviting fruity sweetness reminiscent of a tropical vacation.

Olivia Jezler of Scent Expert claims this fragrance to be “a replica” of its counterpart candle in mainstay stores; reviews agree on this conclusion! This blend of citrus and rich floral aromas evokes memories of hot summer days spent strolling Central Park or perusing fine department store windows and sleeping peacefully on Thai beds.

This deep autumn fragrance brings nature into your home with notes of cinnamon, apple, orange peel, cedarwood, and myrrh. Perfect for welcoming fall into your home!

Pura device offers you convenient fragrance control from the convenience of your smartphone. Use its app to personalize and switch between two installed fragrances and adjust intensity levels – you can even create a nighttime mode to help relax.

Pura 4 from LAFCO is an innovation revamp of their original best-selling product that pairs innovative smart features with premium, clean fragrances for maximum fragrance coverage in spaces up to 1,000 square feet. You can fill it with any of LAFCO x Pura blends such as Volcano, Sea & Dune, or Vanilla Chiffon for an optimal scenting experience – particularly popular among them Volcano, Sea & Dune or Vanilla Chiffon! Get a first glimpse at it on October 14 from 11 AM-4 PM in Herald Square, where Scent the Season Tour will host delicious fall-themed beverages alongside an immersive fragrance experience featuring all their fragrances and unique gifts for all attendees.

2. Sea & Dune

With notes like blue lotus, beach grass, and coastal lily, this refreshing fragrance conjures memories of summer. Lemon oil adds a burst of brightness while vetiver and ginger bring their soothing warmth.

As leaves change color and temperatures cool off, your home should reflect the comforting coziness this season brings. Fragrances featuring woodsy notes such as cedarwood or pine can help add coziness; other warm scents like amber or sandalwood may also work to create a relaxing ambiance.

This citrus fragrance may be needed for those who prefer a fruity and refreshing aromatic experience. With pink pomelo grapefruit, watery green nuances, coriander blossom, and other notes, this pleasant IFRA-certified formula is free from harmful phthalates or parabens for maximum enjoyment!

Utilizing a Pura Smart Diffuser with these fragrance refills is ideal for leaving your home smelling welcoming and fragrant. Controlling them through an app on your phone allows for seamless control, including setting them off at specific times, monitoring how long each fragrance lasts, and changing its intensity.

3. Vanilla Chiffon

Pura fragrance diffuser is an innovative air freshener alternative that lets you switch up its scents depending on your mood and can bring life and warmth into any room it graces with its ambient nightlight feature. Perfect as an air freshener or spray option!

Spring’s best fragrances include floral and herbal scents like lavender or mint. These help create an atmosphere of relaxation and rejuvenation, while light fruity aromas such as mango, strawberry, or pear also work nicely, along with citrus fragrances, which offer fresh energy boosts.

If you’re searching for an earthy yet cozy fragrance to keep warm and snug this winter, cedar or pine may be just what the doctor ordered. Amber or sandalwood scents provide soothing relaxation; spicy scents like cinnamon or nutmeg make great choices for holiday celebrations and are also suitable options.

Fall offers many fragrance choices, with pumpkin, pomegranate and apple among the more popular options. More profound and warmer aromas like leather, oud, and bonfire may also be found.

According to reviews, Pura offers high-quality fragrance options that mimic those found in candles. Furthermore, their Smart Fragrance Diffuser is much more cost-effective and has a lifetime manufacturing warranty than candles.

Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser is available at Anthropologie ($35; originally $44) and Amazon and Nordstrom online retailers. In addition, purchasing a subscription through their website enables you to save 30% on fragrance purchases, change delivery dates as desired whenever desired, earn double Pura Rewards points with every order placed, and enjoy lifetime warranty protection on your device.

4. Cedar Leaf & Lavender

Cedar Leaf & Lavender was specially created to bring an air of serenity into any space, featuring an intoxicating blend of rosemary, lavender, and sage spiced up with cedar leaves and eucalyptus for an aromatic spa-like experience. It boasts an elegant natural rattan vessel and offers the soothing scents of an idyllic spa.

Inspired by the soothing aroma of fresh mountain herbs, this fragrance provides the ideal way to relax and unwind at home. Our fragrant room spray and hand lotion, both rich in shea butter, feature the soothing scent of freshly picked lavender that’s sure to ease away stress while subtle notes of calming eucalyptus and sage provide an exquisitely refreshing aroma that both relaxes and upholds.

Experience the tranquility of spa-like fragrance in your home with this exclusive scent available only from NEST Reed Diffusers. Using its alcohol-free formula, this exquisite scent slowly diffuses throughout your home for up to 90 days of continuous fragrance – it can even be intensified further by regularly turning over the reeds!

Enjoy an unprecedented home fragrance experience with this smart device, which enables you to customize and manage the scents in your space at any time and from any place with just your phone. Utilizing low heat diffusion and proprietary fragrance dispersal technology offers unparalleled levels of customizable scenting throughout your entire space. Enjoy soothing lavender alongside woody sandalwood and cedar leaf aromas while vanilla and muguet add sweetness for an authentic rosewood fragrance experience – expertly created using top-quality, phthalate-free ingredients. Change it anytime to create just the perfect atmosphere and setting!

5. White Vetiver

Pumpkin, pomegranate, apple, and ginger scents can bring comforting warmth into any space; vanilla, cedarwood, and bonfire fragrances bring nature indoors!

White Vetiver can help to soothe your mind and create an atmosphere of serenity in any room where it’s diffused – perfect for creating an oasis of relaxation in bedrooms and living rooms alike. Its fresh notes of lilac, eucalyptus, and cashmere combine with earthy vetiver to create an aromatic blend that produces a calming and peaceful ambiance in bedrooms and living rooms.

Selecting the ideal pure scents to complement your mood and set an inviting environment in your home is critical to designing an inviting space. By browsing Archipelago’s collection, understanding your fragrance preferences, and factoring in aroma families, desired ambiance, and seasons when making this decision, you can craft an inviting atmosphere tailored to you and your style.

Pura offers innovative diffusers that automatically change your home fragrance with ease. Their smart device combines technology and fragrance in one solution – it pairs various scents together and allows for control from your phone, unlike traditional plug-in fragrances, which may contain toxic materials or synthetic fragrances; furthermore, it covers up to 1,000 square feet, making it suitable for small or medium-sized apartments.