Why Choose Aluminium Windows and Doors?


Aluminum windows and doors are popular choices among homeowners thanks to their contemporary aesthetic, slim profiles, unobstructed views, and effortless upkeep. This is the best way to find the thermal break tilt&turn window.

Reputable suppliers provide comprehensive guarantees and warranties, protecting homeowners in case their aluminum windows experience damage or issues.


Aluminium is a highly long-lived metal that stands the test of time. It offers incredible longevity and durability in windows and doors. Resistant to cracks, corrosion, rusting, and color fading over time, aluminum makes an excellent choice for use in hot, humid climates.

Aluminum windows and doors can be utilized for multiple uses, from residential homes to commercial properties. Their low maintenance costs make them an excellent way to save money while adding value to the home or office environment.

Aluminum frames require less maintenance than other window and door materials like wood to remain in top condition. They are easy to clean and resistant to rust, corrosion, dust, and moisture build-up. This allows you to spend less time maintaining them and more time enjoying your windows and doors!

Aluminium’s eco-friendliness makes it an attractive material choice. It is 100% recyclable and easily reused without losing quality or performance. Furthermore, recycling requires less energy than producing new aluminum products from scratch.

Aluminium windows are an investment worth making for both builders and homeowners. They provide years of reliable service and can also be tailored to match the aesthetic of each property.

No matter if it is for contemporary city living or traditional country cottages, aluminum frames fit seamlessly into any architectural layout. At Alimax, we provide an assortment of stylish designs and colors so you can find the ideal frame for your home.

Aluminum windows and doors are highly secure options on the market. Strong winds, humidity, and other environmental factors don’t stand a chance against intruders who aim to break in while keeping your family protected. Plus, aluminum frames are more complex to break than their counterparts in PVC frames and cannot be cut or sawn through like timber counterparts can.

Aluminum windows and doors are known for their strength and durability, yet they are also designed to be highly secure. Available with multi-point locking systems to safeguard against intruders entering your home without permission, aluminum windows and doors offer peace of mind against unwanted visitors.


Aluminium is one of the premier security materials available. It boasts incredible strength that can withstand even brute-force attempts to gain entry. When combined with market-leading locks and handles, this makes entry difficult—in fact, aluminum doors and windows are more secure than most uPVC frames!

These doors are highly adaptable to any design style imaginable; be it contemporary or traditional. Furthermore, they provide excellent thermal efficiency with multiple glazing options and unsurpassed thermal performance.

Aluminum is eco-friendly and sustainable, with 100% recycling rates that allow it to be reused as a building material for future projects. Furthermore, its corrosion resistance makes it an excellent choice for homes or businesses located near coastal regions or high rainfall rates.

Aluminium’s strength lies in its impact resistance, which helps protect windows and doors from accidental impacts. Unlike uPVC or wooden frames, aluminum will not crack under pressure from blunt objects like rocks, keys, or tools, thereby safeguarding families and belongings against accidental damage.

When it comes to protecting your home, all aspects of its structure must be considered. This includes doors and windows as well as any external areas that provide potential entryways. One effective method for safeguarding is installing deadbolts on all doors close to windows to deter burglars from breaking in through them and opening doors from within.

Install a patio bolt on all sliding or swing doors for additional protection of your property. This can help stop them from being lifted out of their frames or forcibly opened, providing extra security measures against theft or forced entry into your home. In addition, add security stays to doors and windows to help limit how far they open, and install burglar bars to add yet another layer of security for your home.

Energy efficiency

Modern aluminium windows and doors are specifically designed to help keep your home warm during winter and cool during summer. They save on energy bills while offering numerous environmental advantages, from reduced carbon emissions during production to durability and ease of maintenance.

One of the critical considerations when buying windows or doors is their u-value, which measures how much heat enters or leaves through them. High u-values can negatively impact energy efficiency; thankfully, aluminum frames boast very low u-values, making them an excellent option for homeowners looking to increase energy efficiency without making significant modifications to their lifestyles.

If you want to increase the thermal performance of your aluminum windows and doors further, look for ones equipped with plastic thermal breaks. These small barriers are installed between the inner and outer frames of windows to keep heat inside while also reducing condensation—something that helps lower energy bills while decreasing environmental impact if you reside in a climate with severe winter temperatures.

When selecting window frame materials, it is also important to consider their embodied energy (the amount of energy required for production and installation). Aluminium has a relatively high embodied energy rating, meaning more energy is consumed during its refinement and extrusion compared with timber products but less energy is consumed compared with producing uPVC windows.

Aluminum windows boast the additional advantage of being virtually maintenance-free, meaning they will stand the test of time and won’t rot or require paint maintenance – perfect for contemporary city pads as well as traditional country cottages alike! Additionally, there are a variety of stylish designs and colors available that complement any type of home style imaginable, from city pads to cottages – creating an eye-catching appearance for any property. Aluminium can also be combined with different door styles and finishes to achieve a unique aesthetic for each property.


Aluminium windows and doors have an appealing aesthetic that lends them a wide array of architectural styles. Their slim frames add minimalist charm, while the durability of aluminum allows them to achieve numerous finishes and colors for further visual contrast.

Changing the windows and doors in your home is a popular home improvement project, and selecting the appropriate materials is crucial to its success. Popular choices for window and door materials are uPVC, timber, and aluminum. Each material offers different advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum is particularly suited to contemporary homes and traditional cottages alike. Here at Love That Door, we carry an assortment of stylish aluminum windows that would work beautifully in both contemporary homes and more classic properties.

Modern aluminum windows feature thermal breaks and insulated glass, reducing heat transfer, minimizing energy loss, and creating a comfortable indoor environment year-round. Aluminium’s low environmental impact during its lifecycle makes it an excellent choice for homeowners seeking sustainable home improvement projects.

Aluminium’s versatility means it can be used in an assortment of window and door designs, from sash windows to bay and bow windows. Their slim profiles allow for large panes of glass, increasing natural lighting in any given living space while decreasing artificial illumination needs. This can help make rooms brighter while saving on electricity bills by cutting artificial lighting costs.

Aluminium windows and doors offer flexibility in choosing how much sunlight enters a space while meeting energy efficiency and building regulations. Insulating glass options available make them even more versatile in this regard.

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