Astro Food Service


Astro Food Service was established in Southern California in 1985 as one of its premier redistributors, offering value with its diverse assortment of specialty products while providing manufacturers with a balanced distribution model as an alternative to broad-line distribution.

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Specialty Distribution

Astro Food Service is one of Southern California’s premier food redistributors, providing their distributor partners daily access to an endless supply of value-added frozen food items, prepared foods, and raw produce, including fresh-cut fruits and vegetables from their on-site processing facility. They make shopping with Astro a truly one-stop experience!

This balanced distribution model shortens time-to-market for manufacturers and distributors alike and offers cost-effective solutions for meeting operator needs without incurring an expensive warehouse investment.

Astro Food Service offers specialty distribution services and provides manufacturers with other valuable benefits, including supply chain analytics, buyer intent data, anonymous visitor identification based on a massive contact database, and their unique customer loyalty platform, Astro Loyalty, designed exclusively for independent pet retailers.

Astro Food Service’s average salary range is $77,132 based on employee reviews of 12+ employees and can differ based on job title, department, location, responsibilities, skills, and education of individual employees. Company salary ranges may also vary significantly between industries – please select either job title or company name to view the full pay range and compare to others within that same industry.

Foodservice Distribution

Astro Food Service provides distribution services to food manufacturers and distributors. With their strong emphasis on value-added customer service and one-stop shopping capabilities, Astro allows their customers to save time and money by having all their supplies at one convenient location. They’re based out of Los Angeles.

Astro was established as a small local distribution company on San Pedro Street in 1985, operating out of an old “City Market” building. They were among the pioneers to embrace technology within their industry by moving away from handwritten invoicing and manual inventory management practices; instead, they implemented an advanced faxing system, which enabled quick communication of prices and specials with their customers quickly and efficiently.

Astro is a redistributor that purchases products directly from manufacturers at competitive truckload quantities at the best possible prices, then sells to distribution partners as pallet or less than pallet quantities at reduced costs and delivery times for both. As such, its balanced distribution model reduces costs for both manufacturer and distributor and provides daily access to thousands of items without incurring the hassles and overhead of owning warehouse space.

Astro Food Service employees, on average, make $67,770 annually, corresponding with the national median. Individual salaries may differ based on job title, location, responsibilities, and skills.

Retail Distribution

Astro Food Service is one of Southern California’s premier food re-distributors, owned and run by its family owners, emphasizing personalized customer service. As a wholesaler offering frozen and prepared foods and an on-site fresh-cut processing facility,. Furthermore, customers have daily access to thousands of food products.

Astro Distributor Network is an essential supply chain partner for manufacturers. Their balanced distribution model reduces costs and time to market for manufacturers and their distributor partners; additionally, Astro’s services are an attractive alternative to broad-line distribution as it doesn’t require significant inventory investments or order minimums.

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Astro Food Svc currently employs 20 individuals at its Los Angeles-based headquarters and utilizes multiple technologies – Font Awesome, Bootstrap, and FlexSlider are just a few examples – to achieve its goals.

Cleanroom Services

Astro Pak provides on-site and in-house precision cleaning services. Their field and shop cleanrooms specialize in passivation, electropolishing, and mechanical polishing as well as oxygen cleaning, deranging descaling high-velocity oil flushing pressure testing media blasting pipeline pigging, and pressure testing services for aerospace & defense, biopharmaceutical household personal care power generation semiconductor water wastewater mining metals industries. The company caters to aerospace & defense, household personal care power generation, semiconductor water wastewater mining & metals industries.

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Astro Pak recently revamped its senior management team to meet its expanding aerospace business. Robert Pozil, Senior VP of the Cleanroom Services department, has been promoted to head of its newly created Business Development department to attract new customers, projects, and industries into the Astro Pak team.

Astro Food Service employees typically earn an estimated average annual salary range between $67,770 and $87,752. This estimate considers factors like job role, department, location, individual skillset, and educational background.