Asian Food Trucks Near Me in NYC


Asian food trucks provide diverse flavors and options that will please any palate. Regional cuisines vary, often including creamy sauces made of dairy products, curries with bold spices, and flatbreads.

Terry and Yaki is a Halal food truck offering Asian-style cuisine with all halal ingredients. This contemporary kitchen on wheels specializes in bowls that include Chicken Teriyaki with Chinese Vegetables.

Big D’s Grub

As food-truck culture develops, finding one has become more complex than ever – yet that shouldn’t stop you from tasting some of NYC’s top food trucks if you plan! They’re worth every minute spent searching.

Big D’s Grub is one of our go-to spots in Queens for mouthwatering bulgogi tacos, rice platters, and yucca fries with homemade dipping sauces. Owner Dennis Kum (better known as Big D) grew up surrounded by flavor-infused dishes from Guyana, America South, and China that inspired him – so much so that he wanted to share them with New Yorkers as part of his culture and passion for food!

Big D is known for his Bulgogi Tacos – marinated lean beef marinated with soy sauce, garlic, and sesame seed oil served with spicy kimchi puree and zesty scallion relish – and Banh Mi Sandwiches featuring marinated pork or chicken served with daikon radish, cucumbers and cilantro. He also makes incredible yucca fries that will change your life with their delicious sweet and savory dipping sauces packed with flavor!

But the city could simplify life for street-food vendors by shortening the process for getting food-prep permits from months to weeks and reallocating its streets back to pedestrians over cars and trucks.

Terry and Yaki

Food trucks provide an ideal way to explore New York’s diverse cuisine without incurring crowds and high costs at traditional restaurants. These motorized food-serving vehicles set up shop at parks, significant streets, and street-food events throughout all five boroughs, offering cuisines suitable for every palate – making NYC an ideal city for these mobile culinary marvels!

Terry and Yaki is an Asian fusion restaurant on wheels offering fast and tasty lunch service near the Church of Saint Vincent Ferrer with an excellent Google rating of 4.9 stars. Enjoy fresh chicken teriyaki rice bowls or other vegetarian items while relaxing in its peaceful ambiance.

Moffle Bar, a mobile truck offering mochi-stuffed waffle pops in sweet and savory varieties, makes a deliciously irresistible treat you can customize according to your liking with their wide range of toppings and topping styles.

Jackson Heights has many food trucks, with Mom’s Momo being among the most beloved. Offering Tibetan-style dumplings filled with beef, chicken, or vegetable filling and drizzled in red chili and white sauces that keep customers coming back for more, these dumplings will have you coming back time after time!

Warung Roadside

Bali attracts two types of culinary travelers: those content to spend hundreds on trendy Asian-French fusion restaurants and those seeking authentic Indonesian fare at more reasonable rates – with Imodium A-D always in hand. The latter prefer Bali’s many streetside food vendors known as warungs; these casual food shacks or roadside lean-tos made from materials like rattan or corrugated metal offer authentic Indonesian fare at much more reasonable rates than their touristy resort counterparts.

Husband-and-wife Trevor Lombaer and Sutathip Aiemsaard created Warung Roadside to bring Thailand’s vibrant cuisine to New York. Traveling around to source authentic ingredients, they specialize in Bangkok Street-Style Pad Thai and Holy Basil Stir Fries, which have earned acclaim across Thailand.

NY Dosas stands out among many great Indian food trucks in NYC as one of the most beloved. Offering vegan dosas (similar to Indian crepes), their award-winning aloo masala and vegetarian daal sambal have garnered numerous fans and won them multiple Vendy Awards, earning NY Dosas its popularity and following.

Jackson Heights is home to some of the finest Nepalese cuisine in NYC, thanks to Makina Cafe’s big white truck. Their menu boasts traditional yet American-friendly flavors like their famous amdo (circular, thick Tibetan bread). Don’t miss their famous chicken over rice dish as well.

Bian Dang

Visit one of New York City’s Asian fusion food trucks to taste another country without leaving home! These moving restaurants serve cuisine inspired by China, South America, and the American South; mainly, their Spicy Chicken Grinder offers tender chicken mixed with Sriracha mayo for an unforgettable taste combined with sweet-and-sour daikon salad for a truly memorable experience.

Bian Dang provides delicious Taiwanese-style fried chicken or pork chop over rice, featuring tender meat that stays tender beneath an irresistibly flavored skin – the ideal combination with white rice as the perfect sauce carrier. Plus, their crew will deliver four delicious pork dumplings as an extra-filling treat!

MooShu has locations in Queens and Brooklyn to serve delicious tacos made with high-quality ingredients, especially their beef tacos – but for something truly innovative, try their Turducken or Bacon Chicken Narwhals!