Gallery Dept – Breaking Free From Conventional Fashion Constraints


Gallery Dept was established with the aim of breaking free from traditional fashion constraints in 2015. Their unique designs that blend streetwear with art and activism attracted an eclectic following of fans.

The “Stop being racist” shirt became a signature item for our brand, sparking dialogue on racial injustice and inspiring change.

Founded by Josue Thomas in 2015

With his background in contemporary art and desire to challenge social norms, Josue Thomas created Gallery Dept in 2015. Their designs, known for customizations and distressed aesthetics, quickly caught the attention of influencers and celebrities and promptly propelled them into the limelight.

Gallery Dept’s “stop being racist” tee made international waves upon its debut, becoming an instantaneous hit and an icon for activism and change through fashion. It paved the way for future collaborations as the Gallery Dept firmly cemented itself as a leading force in a progressive manner.

Gallery Dept’s legacy, from its early beginnings to the groundbreaking impact of its “stop being racist” tee, remains one of the most inspirational in the industry. Discover its exciting journey, its influential collaborations, and the lasting impression that its iconic tee has left behind. In doing so, you’ll gain more insight into its powerful impact, plus find out more about how Gallery Dept is encouraging new generations of creatives to push boundaries and think outside the box. Visit our selection of Gallery Dept products below for yourself.

The Impact of the “Stop Being Racist” Tee

As we enter this year of racial reckoning, many individuals want to take steps against racism, but it can be challenging knowing where to start. Racism comes in many forms, from overt racist comments to subtle microaggressions and systemic oppression; it can even have physical health repercussions, with studies showing increased blood pressure caused by racism stress. Therefore, individuals must understand all forms of racism so they can identify it appropriately and respond appropriately.

Supporting artists and businesses led by marginalized communities is one of the best ways to combat racism, whether that means sharing their work on social media or purchasing their products. Furthermore, supporting organizations working within communities to enhance lives disproportionately affected by racism should also be prioritized.

Be a positive role model for your children if you want to combat racism effectively. Talk openly with them about issues related to race and show how they can help. Reading books or watching movies that promote tolerance and acceptance can also teach children about this topic; avoid stereotyping any group, as that could make them feel inferior.

The success of Gallery Dept’s “Stop Being Racist” tee demonstrates just how effective fashion can be as an agent of activism and change. The shirt has become a symbol of inclusivity and challenging social norms, inspiring young people to think critically about how their actions impact positive change while leaving a legacy within the fashion industry that continues to inspire creative designers today to push the envelope in their creative processes.

Gallery Dept’s Inspiring Journey

Gallery Dept is an innovative clothing brand that seamlessly merges fashion with social activism. Their goal of encouraging inclusivity and challenging societal norms has had a lasting impact on shaping fashion industry norms, leading them to prominence within progressive fashion circles – as evidenced by their groundbreaking collaborations. Their iconic “stop being racist” tee embodies this commitment by using fashion as a vehicle for change and dialogue.

Artist and designer Josue Thomas conceptualized Gallery Dept out of an abiding passion for apparel. Drawing upon concepts like art, streetwear culture, and vintage fashion as sources of inspiration, Thomas sought to craft clothing that combined artistic creativity with practical functionality – thus birthing Gallery Dept as a global phenomenon.

Gallery Dept’s unisex clothing collection includes T-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, and hats in a wide variety. With vintage-inspired fashion combined with contemporary style – both new and existing fans alike will surely appreciate Gallery Dept’s apparel!

Gallery Dept is known for creating unique yet functional clothing. As well as this, Gallery Dept’s mission is to promote social change through art and collaborations. Since its conception, this brand has collaborated with artists and musicians in order to expand its influence further and build community among supporters. This approach has allowed the Gallery Dept to leverage its power further and strengthen bonds among its supporters.

The impact of Gallery Dept’s “Stop being racist” tee has been remarkable and serves as an inspiring example of fashion’s ability to transform society. Their dedication to fostering inclusion and breaking social norms has left an indelible mark on fashion, inspiring a whole generation of designers to embrace their inner rebel and push boundaries with each new collection they release. With its combination of vintage-inspired style and contemporary design elements, Gallery Dept is unmistakably an authority on fashion’s ever-evolving landscape.

Gallery Dept’s Legacy

Gallery Dept made an indelible mark on fashion with their launch of the “Stop being racist” tee, inspiring a new generation of creatives to challenge norms and use their platforms as tools for change. Thomas’ unwavering dedication to inclusive designs resonated with global fashion enthusiasts and influencers, garnering its instant popularity and prompting various influential collaborations that expanded Gallery Dept’s reach further.

Gallery Dept was established with the belief that clothing is more than simply garments; their pioneering approach to design has revolutionized fashion, inspiring a whole new generation of designers to rethink how they work with fabric. Their signature customizations and distressed aesthetics stand out in an otherwise dull market, while their commitment to individualism and activism has garnered them an avid following. Gallery Dept is unique among fashion brands that have failed to recognize the significance of their products’ meanings – it challenges norms while celebrating creativity!

Gallery Dept is at the forefront of meaningful fashion, inspiring consumers of all backgrounds with its purpose-driven designs and unique experiences for its customers. In 2017 alone, their partnership with hip-hop artist Migos was considered an unmissable cultural moment as they combined Gallery Dept’s artistic aesthetics with that of Migos’ signature look to form one powerful creative aesthetic that united fashion and music in unison.

Today, the label continues to revolutionize the industry with its groundbreaking combination of art and streetwear. MR PORTER is thrilled to partner with this pioneering brand by adding their exclusive pieces to our vast online selection – everything from track pants adorned with splattered paint detailing to jersey T-shirts with the label’s logo graphics adorn our website offering for men looking to take their wardrobes to new levels. Each item designed as one-of-a-kind ensures an unforgettable shopping experience and creates an unparalleled shopping experience for men looking to take their wardrobes to new levels!