Southern States Business Awards 2023


The vibrant South is an anchor for many of America’s most successful and fast-growing industries, drawing businesses of all kinds together under its auspices. This region’s unique combination of culture, geography, and history shapes its business environment and dictates which companies thrive within its boundaries.

Participating in awards programs gives businesses an exceptional opportunity to earn well-deserved recognition and prestige and access new business opportunities. For more information, click here!

American Best in Business Awards

The American Best in Business Awards are an unparalleled platform celebrating businesses’ most significant successes and achievements. Honored companies, entrepreneurs, and professionals from various industries across the United States – or worldwide! – drive significant changes within their sectors by pioneering significant advancements that influence entire industries or even make an impactful statement about success and achievement in the corporate landscape.

Winners of these awards have proven their innovative leadership by shaping industry conversations and becoming thought leaders within their fields. Furthermore, this award program allows businesses to highlight their accomplishments and strengthen their brand presence across the global marketplace. With multiple categories open for entry in each award category available through this program, all types of companies may enter and be recognized for their accomplishments.

Businesses operating within the US are encouraged to submit nominations for the American Best in Business Awards, whether public, private, or non-profit and large or small. Nominations can be presented in categories recognizing excellence in employee engagement, customer satisfaction, experience management, and business sustainability.

Companies looking to take full advantage of this award opportunity should ensure they do their research on all award categories, identifying those most pertinent to them. Companies should then explore ways to use participation in the program to attract new customers and boost revenue – for instance, through social media promotions or by taking advantage of events to reach wider audiences.

The American Best in Business Awards differs from other business awards programs in that its judges are professional journalists from top publications, making them uniquely qualified to objectively evaluate submissions and select top companies, teams, and executives. Past panels have included writers from Barron’s, Consumer Affairs, Forbes Inc. eWeek & Wall Street Journal.

American Best in Business Awards offers companies an exciting way to increase their profile and demonstrate to their customers that they are industry leaders. If this sounds appealing to you, get in touch with CO– to see if your business qualifies!

SC Economic Impact Award

The South Carolina Economic Impact Award honors companies that make a substantial, impactful economic statement about South Carolina. Winners are chosen on their ability to create jobs, invest in communities, and support local economies – factors judged at an awards luncheon hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and State. This year’s winners include Langston Construction Co. of Piedmont (a contractor that builds high-rise office buildings), SteelCore Industrial of Spartanburg (provider of industrial welding supplies), and BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina health insurer). The awards ceremony occurred at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center (MCCC).

Annually, South Carolina releases its list of 50 fastest-growing companies. Winners include privately-owned and publicly owned firms that have experienced exceptional revenue increases or employee headcount growth over two years; rankings are calculated using weighted calculations that consider both variables. Winners of this prestigious award receive increased media coverage, new business prospects, and networking opportunities with other “TOP50” businesses in South Carolina.

These awards are highly sought-after in business circles, honoring companies for being innovative, forward-thinking, and resilient across various sectors. Winners are selected by an esteemed panel of judges and experts in each field – providing businesses with an incredible opportunity to increase brand recognition while expanding networks.

SSCA members with outstanding early career research merit are honored with the Janice Hocker Rushing Early Career Research Award. This accolade recognizes their scholarly excellence early in their academic careers. Nominees must be untenured assistant professors with outstanding academic ability in communication studies. At least three representative publications should accompany a nomination submission. All other SSCA awards require only a nomination letter and curriculum vita. Additional supporting documents may be submitted; however, supporting documentation for nomination isn’t necessary for these awards unless applying for the Minority Recruitment and Retention Award, in which additional supporting documentation in addition to curriculum vita is also needed.

SC Small Business of the Year Award

This award celebrates and acknowledges the dedication and achievement of local businesses, with winners selected based on criteria including business growth, customer service excellence, and community involvement. Recipients receive a special trophy during an awards luncheon hosted by the Chamber and may compete for national honors from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

This award recognizes and celebrates women leaders and their accomplishments in business. Nominees must demonstrate exceptional qualities like commitment, courage, and initiative when nominated. This accolade goes to an outstanding business leader who displays high levels of professionalism as an inspiration to other female colleagues in her field.

The SC Small Business of the Year award is an excellent way to honor local businesses’ accomplishments. Winners are chosen based on business growth, innovative products, community involvement, and being able to overcome any challenges along their journey – these businesses are genuinely essential contributors to local economies while having positive effects in their communities.

Nominations for the SC Small Business of the Year award are being accepted until October 5. Winners will be revealed during a ceremony during the week ending Nov 19 at Bleckley Station, and prizes given out include Pillar of Anderson, ATHENA award, and Young ATHENA awards.

The Small Business Administration’s South Carolina District Office is accepting nominations for their 2024 Small Business Person of the Year awards, to be given out during National Small Business Week ceremonies in September. Once chosen, winners will compete nationally to earn one of these accolades from SBA. This marks the seventh time these awards have been bestowed upon South Carolinians.

SC Entrepreneur of the Year Award

The SC Entrepreneur of the Year award honors entrepreneurs across many fields, such as manufacturing, healthcare, and technology. The aim is to recognize those businesses that have made an impactful difference locally and statewide. Winners are chosen based on leadership and entrepreneurial qualities such as business growth/expansion history with excellent client service delivery, as well as embodying South Carolina spirit while leading their field.

EY established the Entrepreneur of the Year award as a top global recognition program to celebrate ambitious visionaries while connecting them to an empowering network. Beginning at local and regional levels, it culminates in an international competition gathering the best entrepreneurs worldwide.

New World Report’s 2023 Southern States Business Awards will celebrate the diversity, resilience, and persistence of this region. Trailblazers making strides forward across key industries–ranging from technology and manufacturing to healthcare and real estate–will be honored at these prestigious ceremonies with recognition and publicity that will propel their businesses toward success.

At a time when many organizations are struggling with their public image, winning an esteemed business award can help bolster brand visibility, bring in new customers, and increase revenue. Furthermore, participating in an awards process allows a business to look at themselves from an impartial standpoint and identify areas for improvement.

On Tuesday, June 13, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce will present the annual Sergeant William Jasper Freedom Award ceremony at the State House. This award recognizes those who have significantly contributed to freedom in South Carolina during its history. Livestream coverage will make sure this open and public event starts promptly at 10 a.m.