Sprouts Play and Learn


Sprouts Play and Learn is an indoor playground for children 48 inches or shorter. Their small cafe offers food and beverages for parents as older siblings play alongside their child(ren). Please bring socks as shoes are not permitted in their cafe area. Also, bring snacks/meals if your visit lasts over one hour.

Little Sprouts

Little Sprouts offers childcare for children from birth to age six in state-of-the-art classrooms, featuring state requirements regarding teacher-child ratios and child development programs that adhere to and surpass them. Each classroom features large playgrounds, indoor activities, and interest areas for them to explore freely at their own pace; all classes utilize Creative Curriculum’s state-approved Creative Curriculum program for academically and aesthetically stimulating young minds.

Our school offers multi-age classrooms where children range from 3 to 6. By mixing students of various ages in one classroom, they can learn from one another as they interact. Older students gain pride from mentoring younger classmates, while younger children benefit from observation.

Tinuccis Restaurant of Newport offers families the choice of bringing their lunches from home or ordering delivery services directly delivering peanut- and dairy-free meals.

Musical Sprouts

Sprouts Creative blends music and theatre to promote emotional well-being for kids of all ages. Their playwrights, composers, and producers create high-quality musical plays based on classic fairytales such as those written by The Brothers Grimm or Hans Christian Andersen or original stories that combine contemporary topics with traditional storytelling techniques – these imaginative shows are available for school performances as well as community or family shows.

Research has proven that children exposed to music from a young age develop more robust language and literacy skills, better hand-eye coordination, and more excellent problem-solving abilities than their non-musical peers – giving these children greater chances for success both academically and as adults.

Musical Sprout is a multicultural arts-infused program integrating social-emotional learning and core classroom subjects into every lesson. The curriculum highlights different countries and their cultures while students experience live or virtual concerts from world-class artists representing them. Musical Sprouts has been tailored for public or private schools, homeschool groups, online schooling programs, and after-school programs for an unforgettable experience that brings global awareness into schools across multiple learning environments.

String Sprouts is an innovative program launched by Omaha Conservatory of Music in 2013 that offers violin, viola, cello, and bass lessons to preschool-aged children from under-resourced neighborhoods at no or low cost to their caregivers. This music education program works to close achievement gaps among these kids, helping break poverty cycles from the outset.

Sensory Sprouts

Children are naturally curious and eager to explore their environment, so our sensory play classes for toddlers and preschoolers aim to encourage discovery while simultaneously developing social skills, fine motor development, fine motor development, gross motor development, and gross sensory motor development.

Seeds of eight sprouting species (radish, alfalfa, clover, broccoli, wheat amaranth grouchy and potency) were germinated for three days at 25oC before storage in refrigerators for two more days before sensory evaluation by an independent panel. A quantitative descriptive analysis method was utilized for sensory evaluation, focusing on 15 sensory attributes related to odor, texture, and flavor. Radish and alfalfa displayed superior overall aroma and texture quality even after 3-day germination and 2-day storage; both rates remained high even after three-day germination and two storage.

Messy play is a crucial element of sensory integration. It allows children to explore their senses hands-on, while scientific evidence has demonstrated its many health benefits for balance, muscle development, and vision. Furthermore, messy play teaches scientific thinking skills, such as organic inquiry, while simultaneously building fine and gross motor skills. While messy play may look like just regular fun to you as an observer, your child’s brain and spinal cord are having loads of fun – that’s why supporting this form of play should not be undermined!

Outdoor Sprouts

Sprouts are an easy, nutritious addition to sandwiches and salads, providing an array of vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber. Not to mention their easy cultivation in your kitchen!

First, rinse your seeds thoroughly by taking two heaping tablespoons and covering them entirely with enough water for eight hours before draining off excess water and repeating this step twice daily – morning and evening are best to maintain freshness – making sure to beat, shake or swirl them to ensure all excess liquid has been extracted from them.

After several days of rinsing, your sprouts will start to mass together; at this point, it’s essential to separate them so they don’t turn mushy gently. Within six days, they should be ready for consumption!

Kids ages 2-5 learn all about food production with our experienced early childhood educators at Little Sprouts Story & Stroll classes for 2-5 year-olds, taught by experienced early childhood educators. Classes feature themed-related learning activities and strolls through outdoor gardens or conservatories with adults present; adults may attend free of charge.