Sprout Learning Tower


Learning Towers engages children in kitchen activities while giving them safe access to kitchen items on countertops. Their height can also be easily customized so it fits their height requirements.

This foldable stool, constructed of sturdy natural materials, can be used for many practical activities in the kitchen, such as food prep and reaching sinks. Furthermore, when not in use, it folds up compactly for more accessible storage space management.

Sturdy and durable

One of the primary factors when selecting a learning tower should be how sturdy and durable it is – this will ensure your child remains safe while using it. Also important is examining how much weight it can bear; you’ll want a robust learning tower that will last them through the years.

This learning tower is constructed from solid wood with a powder-coated finish to keep toddlers safe. Certified Greenguard Gold ensures it contributes to cleaner indoor air and healthier environments, suitable for all ages of children in various areas of the home.

Another remarkable aspect of this learning tower is its addition of a nonslip mat, kitchen helper keepers, and an inbuilt snack shelf – these features will encourage independence in the kitchen while allowing your child to explore their environment. Furthermore, it comes in multiple colors and finishes to fit seamlessly with any home environment.

This learning tower is an ideal option for parents with limited storage space or small living quarters, as its fold-flat design enables easy storage in corners or other out-of-the-way spots around your home. Plus, it can double up as a step stool and a desk!

Easy to assemble

If you want a safe and secure way for your child to reach the counter, consider purchasing a learning tower. These Montessori-inspired products provide a fun alternative to regular stool seating that encourages independence, exploration, and interaction while making cooking, baking, or cleaning more efficient for both parent and child.

Parents often struggle to locate an adequate learning tower for toddlers that is both durable and can meet the growing needs of their growing kids. You must adhere to manufacturer specifications regarding weight and height limits; otherwise, your child could easily topple off or cause damage to your kitchen.

Thanks to its durable, sturdy construction and straightforward assembly process, Little Partners Learning Tower was an easy and reliable choice during testing. Available in various colors with an adjustable platform height that adjusts up to four levels, this model also comes complete with an activity center where kids can draw, scribble, or practice letters and numbers – an ideal solution for families with limited space who don’t want another piece of furniture!

Another intelligent solution from Ikea is this hack of their Bekvam step stool into a versatile learning tower. It features an adjustable platform with multiple height settings that fit two children simultaneously. Constructed of non-toxic materials for safety purposes, colors and designs match your kitchen.

Easy to store

Learning towers provide your toddler with safe access to the kitchen counter without you needing to lift and lower them repeatedly and watch you prepare meals or play with toys. A popular choice in Montessori communities, learning towers are also perfect for helping your child reach the bathroom sink for brushing their teeth or hair.

This tower from Sprout is easy to assemble and folds away when not in use, perfectly matching any kitchen’s color palette. It comes complete with a non-slip mat and two safety nets for extra security and comes in different heights to grow with your child over time, even being converted later into an activity table!

The Little Partners Explore n Store Learning Tower is an excellent choice for families who wish to invest in a robust yet cost-effective learning tower. Perfect for use in any setting – such as the kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom – its adjustable platform height makes this tower last for years and years while its multiple finishes cater to any taste or aesthetic.

Safety first

Sprout learning towers and similar kitchen helper towers can introduce your toddler or preschool child to cooking, cleaning, and meal prep basics while simultaneously setting them on the path toward independence and responsibility. However, these products must adhere to manufacturer specifications regarding age and weight before being given to children – these products could offer false security that encourages your child to play pretend while sitting within it, which could result in injuries to themselves or others.

A quality learning tower should be sturdy and robust. It should not sway or wobble and support your child without them tripping over it, with a broad base to prevent tipping over. Furthermore, its top should allow it to stand comfortably with enough room to reach the counter; some models even include anti-slip rubber strips or mats on their step and platform to help avoid slipperiness.

Children typically become ready for a learning tower or kitchen helper when they become confident walkers who can easily reach counter height. Some parents introduce toddler towers prematurely; however, to minimize risk, it is wiser to wait until your child has become an independent walker who feels at ease in using chairs before purchasing one of these helper towers.