Wheelchair For Rent Near Me in New York


Renting medical equipment, such as wheelchairs or scooters, can be a practical solution when injured, requiring temporary use, or expecting guests with mobility challenges. Bigelow Surgical offers short-term lease agreements for medical equipment rentals at competitive rates.

We offer lightweight manual wheelchair rentals with 16″,18″, or 20″ seat widths that can be maneuvered by themselves or pushed by others.

Manual Wheelchairs

Rental wheelchairs can be an affordable and practical solution when recovering from injury, surgery, or illness. These mobility aids are lightweight yet highly maneuverable; folding down into your trunk for storage makes this option far more cost-effective than purchasing an entirely new model outright.

There are various manual wheelchair rentals available, ranging from standard models with flexible but sturdy frames and lighter weight than powered chairs to those featuring swing-away footrests and padded armrests for increased comfort. Furthermore, most come with multiple seat width options.

Transport wheelchairs feature small wheels designed to be pushed by caregivers or companions, making them lightweight and easily foldable for storage or transportation. These wheelchairs typically offer padded seats, swing-away footrests, and detachable desk arms for added convenience, making them the ideal solution for people who would like both self-propulsion and having someone push them occasionally.

Heavy-duty wheelchairs are similar to regular manual chairs, yet with greater weight capacities. Users can control these chairs or be pushed from behind, and their large rear wheels provide easy gripping. These chairs can also be folded up for convenient storage, making them a good option for people needing something that can withstand heavier use. For more information about renting wheelchairs in Queens, NY, contact us now! We can assist in finding a wheelchair that best meets your size, weight, and needs. All wheelchair rentals are thoroughly sanitized before each use to give you peace of mind that the equipment is safe. We offer delivery/pickup services throughout New York to hotels, hospitals, retirement homes, parks, zoos, beaches, campsites, etc.

Heavy Duty Wheelchairs

Suppose a standard wheelchair does not meet your needs. In that case, bariatric chairs are for rent with extra-wide seating and higher weight capacities that may suit individuals with larger frames and may come equipped with features like tilt-in-space or reclining functions that help alleviate pressure sores. While heavier and more durable than their counterparts, bariatric chairs should always be sanitized before renting them out to avoid any potential hygiene concerns during usage.

Homepro Medical offers an impressive selection of powered wheelchair rentals near you, such as Pride Mobility and Invacare models. These chairs are designed for greater independence, making them often preferable over manual chairs due to their maneuverability. Some models of powered wheelchairs even come equipped with fully reclining backrests – more costly but more comfortable!

Transport Wheelchairs

Transport chairs offer an ideal mobility assistance solution for people who do not wish to make long-term commitments to permanent solutions. Lightweight and easily portable, transport chairs fold into an easily transportable form that fits in the trunk of any vehicle and offers convenient features like seatbelt arrangements and swing-away footrests.

Transport wheelchairs differ from regular wheelchairs in that they can be propelled via small front and rear wheels, making them perfect for being driven by someone else. Transport chairs provide extra support that keeps users safe and comfortable when moving about, ideal for people requiring supervision during movement.

These portable wheelchairs are often the go-to solution for people needing something lightweight yet sturdy enough for travel or visiting friends and family. It is ideal for hotels, restaurants, and cruise ships and has convenient trunk storage. Some models even feature folding trays for food service that can quickly be disassembled when not required.

Rather than purchasing a wheelchair for yourself or a loved one who needs it, renting is the more cost-effective solution. Renting will allow you to save money during short or long-term stays and use any extra funds towards dining out or other attractions in your locality. To rent one nearby, contact your mobility supply store – they are often happy to offer advice and select products tailored specifically for each user with competitive rental costs suitable for short or long-term lease arrangements.

Power Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs (also called electric mobility chairs or scooters) offer an ideal way for individuals to cover greater distances more quickly and easily. Users can drive them themselves or be pushed by an attendant; both options provide increased support and comfort over regular manual wheelchairs while enabling users to stand while using it on flat surfaces such as hardwood, carpet, pavement, or sidewalks – plus most medical rental stores, like Globe Drug Store, offer these chairs for rent!

Scootaround offers power wheelchairs and scooters for rent at three locations within the Great New York State Fairgrounds, so reservations should be made early to avoid waiting in line; reservations can be made online or over the phone.

These lightweight power wheelchairs are great for indoor use, featuring an intuitive joystick control to turn on a dime. Their 10-mile range per single charge and comfortable seats make these ideal companions, and they can travel over hardwood, flat carpet, and pavement surfaces; plush carpet or grass surfaces should not be used with them.

Homepro Medical provides power wheelchair rentals near me in Brooklyn, New York, to enable more independent living. If you’re recovering from injury or surgery or living with limited mobility, these wheelchairs can improve your quality of life and extend the lease to match your recovery timeline. Their rental rates are competitively priced, in addition to discounts and free shipping when renting. Working closely with health professionals and customers to ensure the right equipment arrives on time.