Debra Bollman


Debra Bollman was doing her usual work at the Staples Center question and answer session when Wisconsin basketball player Nigel Hayes quietly whispered in her direction, “God, she’s wonderful.” Unfortunately for Nigel Hayes, his microphone was activated.

Debra welcomed this compliment graciously, accepting her fifteen years in the stenography industry and currently working for ASAP Sports in Riverside, California, where she types up to 300 words per minute.


Debra Bollman is both an actress and businesswoman. She owns multiple companies, such as a clothing line and a television production studio. Bollman is also known for her generosity; she has donated to numerous charities over time – most recently organizing an event to benefit Hurricane Sandy victims, as well as actively supporting various celebrity causes and breast cancer research initiatives.

Debra Bollman hails from Riverside, California. As a stenographer, she can type up to 300 words per minute – earning her a reputation for quick and accurate transcripts of interviews. Bollman has been working as part of CaptionCART’s real-time transcription services team for 15 years and currently acts as CEO.

Bollman rose to instant fame due to a viral incident at a press conference. Nigel Hayes, a Wisconsin Badgers basketball player, accidentally commented on her appearance, which was overheard by reporters present, and thus, Bollman became instantly famous – appearing on numerous TV shows and being interviewed by various media outlets ever since.

Bollman was quick to remain composed and focused on her career after her brief time in the spotlight. Her newfound fame did not alter her personality or demeanor – in fact, Bollman used this newfound attention to promote her daughter’s musical talent!

Bollman remains grounded despite her success and prioritizes family privacy above all. She takes great pride in her career as a stenographer and her accomplishments; moreover, her experience working for Nigel Hayes taught her an important lesson: don’t be afraid to try something different; her experiences proved that anything was possible with hard work and focus. Bollman serves as an inspirational role model for women pursuing professional goals of their own.


Debra Bollman is an award-winning businesswoman who has distinguished herself in the media industry, acting, and philanthropy. She founded Bollman Enterprises with businesses in retail, real estate, entertainment, and short film production – as well as being an accomplished producer herself. Bollman also appeared as herself on several TV series like Saved by the Bell: The New Class and Beverly Hills 90210.

Bollman is an expert in sports stenography and has worked as a stenographer for more than fifteen years in her profession, serving as a talented sports stenographer capable of typing up to 300 words per minute. Additionally, she serves as a court reporter and CART provider; in these capacities, she has captioned events such as the French Open and NBA Finals tournaments.

Nigel Hayes of Wisconsin Badgers made headlines in 2015 for something other than his basketball skills; rather it was for what he said to female journalist Debra Bollman from ASAP Sports during a press conference. Nigel didn’t realize his microphone was still active and that everyone in the room could hear what he had said – leaving Nigel cringing with embarrassment while his audience laughed and jeered him on.

Bollman’s life changed remarkably once her video went viral; she gained millions of followers on social media accounts and appeared as a guest on various popular television programs.

She took this opportunity to promote Sophia, who herself is a singer. Sophia auditioned for unscripted TV drama The Voice and made it all the way to the top twelve!

Debra Bollman lives in Norco, California, with her husband and three children. As an accomplished philanthropist, Debra Bollman has donated to numerous charitable causes worldwide, providing aid for people in various parts of life – especially helping young people and women who specialize in arts fields. She has even volunteered her services at hospitals and orphanages!


Debra Bollman is an accomplished businesswoman and philanthropist. She has built several companies in consumer products and real estate industries, amassing an estimated net worth of more than one million. Additionally, Debra supports various charities that provide education or employment opportunities to women and children.

Bollman hails from New York City and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Southern California. Additionally, she worked as a real estate agent. Now residing in Norco, California with her husband and three children – daughter Sophia has appeared on several television programs such as “The Voice.”

Debra Bollman first gained national attention in 2015 when Wisconsin Badgers basketball player Jordan Taylor mistakenly called her beautiful during a live press conference, sparking outrage online and instantly becoming viral. While she gained instantaneous fame, Debra remains modest despite public praise; instead, she keeps her personal life private.

Nigel Hayes made an embarrassing gaffe at his press conference. Unaware that his microphone was still active, everyone in the room heard him clearly and laughed heartily; Nigel quickly bowed his head in embarrassment as laughter spread throughout.

Bollman’s incident went viral, and she received hundreds of supportive messages from both fans and celebrities alike, appearing as guests on popular television shows to discuss its events. The incident had an incredible effect on her life by providing her with an opportunity to pursue musical aspirations while expanding her exposure.

Bollman is involved in both journalism and philanthropy, serving on several non-profit boards as a member. Her charitable donations include providing funding for women-owned businesses. In addition, she established a foundation dedicated to aiding those in need. Despite being committed to her family and community service, her schedule keeps her very busy!


Debra Bollman is an inspiring businesswoman who has reached the pinnacle of her field. As a high school dropout determined to make something of herself and find success, Debra created her captioning and real-time transcription business, which provides services at events like the French Open and NBA Finals; her peers recognized this work and awarded Debra with various accolades for her outstanding efforts.

Debra Bollman was the child of a teenage mother and faced many hardships in early life, yet she was determined to pursue a career in fashion and work hard for herself. Over time, she became a model for some of the most acclaimed brands like Calvin Klein and Dolce & Gabbana, as well as appearing in several films and television shows like Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Law and Order: SVU.

Debra Bollman has achieved incredible professional success while remaining true to her commitment to sharing knowledge. Her pioneering role in shaping the beauty industry has marked her as an industry pioneer, as well as an advocate for women in beauty. Additionally, Debra works closely with other professionals within her drive to keep abreast of current trends and stay current.

Bollman is an exceptional wife and mother who strives for success in everything she does. Though her journey may have been long and winding, she remains resilient in the pursuit of excellence – an inspiration to those who wish to realize their goals, big or small alike.

Debra Bollman was 43 at the time of this incident and had three children: one was male, while two young female. In one interview that followed, she referred to them – including one male child and two young female ones whom she imitated humorously while playing silly. Debra resides in Norco, California, with her husband, Anthony J. Farfan.